Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starbuck vs. coffeabean

Last monday nite we went to Starbuck.. hubby need to meet his brother there..something to do with the company profile and few other stuffs...

oh yaaaa,,since i really ban Starbuck (due to my sensitivity as Muslim ) i really dont want to buy the fact i love coffeabean rather than anything else..

so hubby hv to drop me at CB then lps tu baru kami p lepak kat starbuck,:))

-as usual, i lovee mocha ice blended!!-

-the twins set up their lappy-

-our hanisah-

-sempat lg b'dating-

since hubby bz with adik, and they hv to stick in front of their lappy for hours, so no choice i hv to jalan2 with hanisah (atceli mcm menyesal pon ade ikut.,hehehhh)

so both of us went to Juru da park ,just walking distance dgn starbuck..

got few booths there but most of them selling chinese folks stuffs.... huhuuu..yg x sesuai nak dibeli..but it's ok.. we just window shopping..
btw,, we went to shoe shop.. and b4 hold any shoe, i asked the salesgirl to confirm that the shoe is not made of pig skin.and she said not. "smue kulit biase aje,,. " okelaaa..

skali tgh duk belek2,, t'pgg la 1 sandal.. tp bile tgok betul2 astaga ade 3 dots.. so i asked that lady again.. but that chinese salesgirl still insist that they not selling pig skin.. skali die call her boss.. and guess what...the boss is malay lady.. i said this 3 dots is pig skin. and that boss said, "not necessary that 3 dots mean pig skin.and in fact, we are not selling shoe made of pig skin cos it is more expnsive"..

hmmm,, since her words couldnt convince me,,so dgn tangan kanan dh t'pegang pig skin tadi,, i carried hanisah using my left hand.. Alhamdulillah area situ jenis btanah.. carik pnye carik then i found the ape lg,,b'samak la dlm gelapp,huhuu.. siap ngan hanisah skali ku samakk..

tis is a huge experience.. dulu penah t'kena kat queensbay.. time tu tgh peknen kt hanisah.. tis time dlm b'jage2 t'kena lg skali... if go to any local shoe shop, need to be very triple careful.. btw i really regret with that lady.. she's not even sensitive with the pig skin..either she knows but she takes it for granted or she's really ignorant.. :(
-the skin that i found at that shop is most likely like tis..


  1. dear..
    tuh mmg pig skin..

    kita pun ada terbeli kasut hush puppies nya..
    hubby yang terperasan

    tensi kan bila macam tuh..

  2. at les t'pgg, xdela smpai beli..
    tp mmg tensen bile kene samak nih..

    ishh hush puppies pon ade dr pig skin ke..
    terokla gitu...!!