Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potluck session @ Opis.. Yay!

We have a makan2 activity or so called a potluck session las wk; under our manager's team ..Atcually we have planned this Potluck before CNY, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, need to extand it to 27th Feb.

for my part, i brought my puding.. well, suppose to bring puding permata (which recipe of tis puding given by my fren wanie).. but ntahla,, instead of puding permata, jadik puding permata yg hilang,ahaksss.. i was attempting to do tis puding about 1am..then around 2 am i noticed the puding xnak keras.. so what i did , i put it into fridge with great expectation that everythng be ok in the morning.. around 6 am something i woke up and 1st thing 1st i checked out the puding..hmmm,, **sigh**

cut the crap..!! after sending hanisah to babysitter,, i was rushing to shop, got the stuffs for the 2nd round and during lunch i managed to hv my puding coktail.. nsib bek 2nd round jadik... heheee..

-well back for tis potluck,, i think everyone including me enjoyed tis makan2.. seriesly best.. it 's the time to gather.. laughing, joking,chating etc.. plus variety of foods being served.. ;p-

-my teammates; watie da organizer, adnin mommy to be,
sujana da smiley & me of coss-

-Mouthwatering dishes.!! we have satay, capati, Macaroni Baked Cheese ,sheperd pie, puding coktail,murtabak & rojak buah and also da drinks.. oh yaaa,,tis is our sponsor for this makan2.. tenkiu zohri..smoga makin murah rzeki dlm bisnes :))-

-eat until full!!!-

hv been waiting for next makan2 after this..most probably somewhere in march,, for feb & march befday celebration.. ehem-ehemmm :))

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