Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holiday @ Bukit Merah Lake town resort

my 1st time to bkit merah after 10 yrs been in Kulim..
we stayed there for 2days & 1 nite. indeed it's not enough to explore everything at Bkt merah. as da matter of fact we miss few interesting places like the org utan island & parrot show etc.. ~sigh~

btw kami konvoi dlm 5 krete... i love this kind of holiday whereby we be in 1 big group with many women, men & kids surronding sgtla meriahh!
yg lg best, hubby sponsored all the hotel rooms for the 5 families.. sound poyo jek kan,ahakss..
atceli hubby bought 1 apartment there since few yrs back (sharing with his bro)..and giv to the hotel management to rent it.. in return, hubby got some cash i think..and also several vouchers to stay free at hotel.. so he used those vouchers to get 5 rooms for 5 kire dh jimatla..kalu x,, mau teguk air liur gakk,,cos the rate is sooo expensive due to festive season ni..
As usual,, lets the pics narrate..

-mase baru smpai.. dak kecik nih is soooo jakun with the fountain..-

-she even step on the water.. basahla kasut,huhuu-

-in her swimming suit-

quality time of daddy & dotter

quality time of mommy & dotter

with her new frens

-well,, atceli bukan nak naik pon slide nih.. but i told myself,,bile lg nak naik & biler lagi nk challenge dirik sndiri..ahaksss..mase naik, i told to the guard that i just want to watch from here.. than he said 'ala xde apela..biase jek nih"

skali mase duk atas pelampung,i told him pls on hold first.. i still need to rethink either i want to proceed or cancel it..after few sec mybe mamat tu dah malas nk compromise..die trus tolak..waaa memg nyesal la main..still remember how my heart beat and how shaking i was even after 10 min. and after main then only i noticed that there were 3 men were smiling & laughing at me.. cessss!!-

-i really enjoyed tis giant bubble.
but the Q to play is longer than the time to play it-

-as usual, i wont miss this part.. i seriesly enjoy choosing & buying the FMs.. semue cute2.. and also i bought the pewter FM.. and guess what..the price of 1 pewter FM is equivalent with these 4 FMs ,huhuuu..
oh yaaa,, hubby asked me to put all these FMs at the back of our fridge.. perli la tuh..ahakss

Collection # : #54-58
Where : Bukit lake town resort..
When : Feb 2010 ( CNY holiday)

oh yaa,, atceli we wr planning to extend another 1 more night there. lgipon voucher bnyak lagi..but pk2 malasla..
lucky we didnt procced to extend our holiday. bout 2 hrs after arriving home, suddenly tangki air umah bocor. it was like heavy raining at the kitchen.. and worse part was,, makin lame makin bnyak tmpat bocor..imagine if it happened during our absence. hmmm..


  1. azie g jugak raya ke 3 tapi tak berapa nak seronok azie sakit perut giler..

  2. i like ur FM!!
    jeles i tau...huhuhuhu

  3. la siannye azie.. salah mkn ke..?
    kami p ari x clash laaa

  4. hehe,, maria.. ari tu p JB x beli FM ke..? nk jgk tengok ur latest collection!

  5. k.farah...hihihi. lm dah k.farah tak order ngn jeri ni kan. hehehe

  6. hi Jeri.
    nk sgt order tp skrg kene diet tu psl
    stop order sat.. ;p