Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Demam Bowling part 2

Played bowling at Giant..
tis time we got the lane (booking 1 day b4)..
btw see how our little girl behaves herself.. till the staff came and advice that kid can not run like tis.. bahaya..huhuu..

-and see hubby's face..penat layan anak dare,hehee-

-all the time we hv to take turn to hold hanisah..sorg main and sorg kena pgg..
kalu x, ade yg blari kat lane lagik-

-btw hubby taught me the correct technique to bowl..but the practical of cos is not as easy as theory,hmm-
the 1st round i got 2 spares & few times masuk longkang.. 2nd frame sligly improve.. 2 spares & 1 strike and also few times longkang,,ahaksss..-

p/s: semangat nk main bowling nih,,cos 1 team ngan amir aka udeng,,ahakssssss.. last 4 yrs we were in 1 team and managed to get runner up!


  1. Hi Kak Farah! Wah wah wah..dasyat yek kumpul strategi utk menang tonomen 27hb ni.Mana aci..AJK xleh join.hehe. Jumpa di lane nnti ok.auww!

  2. hehe,,saje je poyo..pdhal x reti pon..
    eh ehh kalu ajk xleh main,kami xnak jadik ajk la,hehe..

    mane name team..cpt2la kasik.