Monday, February 22, 2010

Bowling and Karaoke

we went to bowling center @ giant around 2pm..
1st bowl, i managed to get strikes.. yeahh!!! da 1st frame wasnt bad at all..
but da 2nd frame.. ish2,,malu laaa.. rase mcm nak withdraw from this tonement,aci x,,hik2x... in fact i did ask amir to withdrawf myself from this game but he just laugh & shake his head,huhu :(

after playing bowling, we went into karaoke room..heyy since when giant got karaoke ekk,,?? huhuuu..layan jelaaa..atceli i dun want to join as i wasnt eager at all to do so..but since hubby insist,so tpakse gakla layan. we took 4 songss.
the 1st song, i hv choosen 'the day u went away' by m2m.. this is a very nice jadik x sedap biler den yg nyanyi,,hihihii..xpe hentam jelaaa.. bak kate my old fren rahman,, "kite ni geng yg mmg xleh carik mkn dgn nyanyi daaaa".. ;p
then when came hubby's turn to sing, he hv chosen a malay song.. hmm i forgot the title.. but honestly, i really impressed with his voice.. seriesly x sgka he can sing with high note & really his voice attract my heart soooo muchh.. :)) well, as far as i'm concern, the 1st time we went in the karaoke was somewhere in 2004. sgtla dh lame and that time i didnt ever bother of him.. there were 4 of us that time. and 1 more fact, that time he couple with my friend and i couple with his besfren/housemate...huhuhuu.
oh yaaa forgot bout our b4 she has been enjoying running there & there around the bowling centre.and as usual, we hv to take turn to take care of her. when came into the karaoke session, she looked so boredd.. mybe she could think "apelaaa ummi & papa masuk bilik gelap siap melalak lagi nih!".. and she slept by the time both of us duet lagu "sandarkan pade kenangan", ,, ahaksss..

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