Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hepi befday to me!!

I'm officially 32 years old on Feb 6th 2010... age is just a number okess (nak sedapkan ati sndiri),ahaksss..
Once again,, I'm so thankful to Allah for have been blessed with a wonderful and understanding husband & cutest little Hanisah.. syukur sgt2.. plus the lovely parents & siblings & nieces/nephews and also great family-in laws (in fact i really close with all my family in laws).. last but not least 'syukur' for my good income and of cozz for the fabolous journey of my beautiful life that i have right now... Alhamdulillah....oh yaaa 1 more thing,, also syukur for the increament that i received from Management 1 day before my befday.. i consider it as my befday gift and also rezeki hanisah :))

oh that day, hubby bwk me & hanisah to Rasa sayang hotel,png.. we were having a great ala carte dinner there :)) let those pics help me to narrate..

-on da way to penang island-

-tadaaaa,,our driver for that day..see her left hand,,
steady jekk kat gear,ahaksss..-

@Rasa sayang resort ; papa & dotter

-mommy & dotter-

-befday girl ;p-

-our little hanisah buat peel-

-while waiting for our ordered meals-

-the beautiful sunset-

-enjoying her drink-

-my Tandoori king prawn-

-Hubby's Tandoori lambchop-

-nyamm nyammm ;p-

guess what.. this is the sweetest part..
tgh2 syok makan,, suddenly 5 men came from behind... 1 of them holding this cake and all of them singing "happy befday Mrs Azran". yg lawak tu, siap security guard pon join the crowds..ahakss..
and the fact is, they asked me to make a wish b4 blow the candle..
It was soooo sweet okesss..i love tis suprise!!!
and the korean couple at next table also singing & clapping hands for me..:))
tenkiuu hubby for tis lovely suprise :0 -

in fact the waiter said unfortunately the band jus gone around 9pm..
alaa x pyhla smpai bwk band nyanyi..
malu den,hehe..
-the taste of this cake was so nice..even the other meals also taste good

-i love this family pic!!-

i really enjoyed the dinner.. tenkiu so much hubby for this dinner treat..
Insyaallah next month my turn okk ;p


  1. dear..are u sure u dah 32?
    u just like 23 la dear!
    frankly..its suprise me!
    any tips?

    btw, u love name KHADEEJA ek?
    yeah..i love that name..its so classic but sexy..gilo ker intanmaria ni?

  2. azie & maria, thx 4 da wish :)

    betullaaa 32 tauu.. lahir xdak tipsla..hehe..cume
    org ckp nk awet mude bile bngun tido..minum air b4 gosok gigi.. tu yg amal smpai skrg..

    yappp mmg best khadeeja..
    so kire okla, yg si kakak Aisyah and adik khadeeja.. okla tu both names from tokoh wanita yg t'unggul :))