Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Demam Bowling

My fren Amir persuates me to join playing bowling in bowling tournement. i was deciding not to play bcos i will be bringing takut die kaco..furthermore hubby lak at same day has bdminton tournement. but since Amir really persuates me 'gile2',,so t'uja la jgk,ahakss... in fact hubby willing to teach me the correct technique of playing bowling..
memang sy x reti main tauuuu!!!

so we went to Kulim Landmark Central - Giant last weekend, but that time ade tournement la plakk.. so xpdtla nk main cos lane full. btw, we met nurul, our ex-neighbour there ..
she appreciates us very much cos we hv helped her getting a job at fuji. atceli x tolg sgtpon,,just hubby tolg submit resume and also i advised her how much expected salary suppose to be written in resume since she's a diploma holder.. tu jekk :)

-lane full.. frust laaa-

-hubby, hanisah & nurul-


-my reluctant model during shopping time-

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  1. Hi Faz, tq for dropping by my baby's blog - geniusqarissa tuh..keep in touch kay .. i pun dah follow u ..:)