Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping daze @ Gergasi part 4 *no bowling*

well, on sturday i was planning to play bowling.. but hubby has his owns plan,which was fishing.. imagine dlm kul 5 am i went home from office (keje shift mlm) and he wasnt at home.. rupe2nye aroud 4am die kuar p jala umpan ngan Wan.. huhu sabo jekk..! he asked me to join him,,but hmm..i cant even hold the rod for 5min ok.. i can lay down and reading book for hours but not holding the fishing rod and wait for fish to eat the bait,, ahakssss..
so since he went for fishing trip, so i took hanisah to "gergasi'.. shopping da groceries..

My little hanisah.. as usual she is so behaved when both of us outing somewhere.. She is active of cos.. as always, but seriesly i dun face any trouble at all everytime I drive all alone with her..

she'll sit in the car seat and even she knows pretty well that it is a must to sit in the car seat & wear the belt when her mommy's driving.. I think she has been enjoying the ride , watching outside and talk by using her own language..Normally she'll point her finger to something outside the window.. and her favorite thing is of cos bird..clearly she told me that it 's a bird..kkdg smpai t'kluar air liur bile sebut bird, ahaksss.. and 1 more thing, everytime she hears dog barking, she will say dog but the the sounds normally sound like 'dag'. pelat O, ;p

does anyone hear or know bout Noddy (this character originally from Enid Blyton).. ohh i love Enid Blyton's adventure/mysterious/famous 5 etc so much!!
btw back to Noddy, i love to hear further bout this children educational system which using Noddy as main character.. anyone who go to giant can see tis direct selling group somewhere near the escalator..
in case sesape has experience with Noddy b4,pls kindly share :))

oh yaaa,, hanisah & i entered the Bookstore in giant.. and really hepi to get tis novel "the lovely bones". as mentioned b4, i'm very keen to read the book before watching the movie.. so mmg suke sgt jumpe..i thought can't get tis book..rupe2nye t'corok kat rak paling bawah..
btw already finished the chapter 1 of this book.. seriesly sedih sgt..huhu.. cant imaginehow the girl has been raped & killed brutally.. and about 3 days after her missing,, her fren's dog found her elbow & took it to her parents..
the girl, susie (already in heaven) can see how her mother's pale face became more pale... ish ishh sedih..


  1. Kami beli set Muzzy utk Irdina since umur dia 5bln lg. Set dia ada buku, CD, & flash card& card utk buat latihan. Masa tu beli kt Care4. that time tak der lg Noddy ni. Yang noddy ni lg best coz dia katun 3D. Irdina mesti stop kt tmpt salesman ni kalau g giant. yang muzzy punya just katun biasa. Irdina tak berapa suka sgt. tp dh terbeli nak buat camner. Elia pun beli gak, tp dia beli yg disney-buku shja

  2. tenkiu maria.. appreciate that :>

  3. haha hanisah pon sronok smpai xnak balik bile tarik p.
    die sronok duk kat krusi colorful dgn buku besar2..

    yapp yg noddy ni 3d..
    mmg sempoilaa..hrge pon sempoi ;P
    muzzy hrge brape?

    i think good bout noddy is bcos dwi bahase, so that can balance up btween english & malay.
    cos ade setengah kid, english terror smpai malay lak kantoi..

  4. Muzzy RM2k lebih. Rasanya Noddy pun samakan.

  5. mak aii muzzy pon mahai jgk rupenye..
    haah noddy dlm 2100++.

  6. I am exhilarated to learn that you love enid Blyton's books very much. As a child, I used to skip reading Noddy's books since I thought they were so "immature" for my tastes. This was because i first learnt of Enid Blyton by reading The Famous (since I was in the 9-12 age bracket; the group that is supposed to read The Famous Five by this age set group). I was so fascinated by the Enid Blyton books that much later, as an adult, I decided to write and publish a book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
    stephen Isabirye

  7. hi Eni,
    i'm so happy to know somebody who has a very same interest like me (few frens of mine laugh when i say i like enid blyton's book even until now)..
    i also like you, i skip few books of her like noddy etc. My interests of cos famous 5 & adventorous series etc.. in fact i was tomboy when i was 14 yrs..this is due to the influence of character George in famous 5.. when i was bout 20 yrs old, i bought her books on my own as my collection..later i'll be asking my kid to read her books :)