Monday, March 29, 2010

Fizan's home sweet home

fizan my bes fren since 10 yrs ago...invited me,rozi & k.ida to her new 'home sweet home', somewhere in kulim square.. on the day, rozi & k.ida couldnt make it. so off i went to fizan's house with hanisah,,my co-pilot as usual,hehe...

fizan had cooked special menu for us.. ayam percik & served budu and ulam2..
my favorite dishesss.. sedapp tuh,, 3 x tambah nasik!!

hanisah & danish (fizan's son).. they both know each other pretty well cos both of them hv been sharing the same babysitter.. they were nice to each other for the first 10 min (approxiamately) only.. then after that masing2 tnjuk real peel. danish was not willing to share his stuffs to hanisah,, and hanisah didnt care at all. she just grabbed what ever toys that she wanted to play even mat danish refused to share.. pening kami 2,,huhuuu..

btw,, fizan's home is so sweet & nice..
hmm,, when's our turn to shift to our new home,,~sigh~~

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