Monday, March 1, 2010

Firebowl 2010

We hv bowling tonemen last saturday.. it was such a good event indeed...i really enjoyed playing and seeing the crowds.. talking bout my bowling performance,,jus enough for me to survive,,ahakss... but as far as i'm concern, i didnt really 'cuci longkang' on that day.. ;p

oh ya, i hired a cleaner for that day..and i think rm8 for 1 hr was really worth as she really took care of my hanisah.. i did ask her to follow hanisah...whereever my hanisah has gone,, it was under her supervision.. so okla...dptla den main bowling ngan tenang,hehe.. btw the reason of hiring the cleaner on that day bcos on the same day hubby got badminton tonemen.. so really can't rely on him.. but just after finish our tonemen,, my hubby came here with a handful of his frens.. :p

btw congrats to all the winners.. :))

-hanisah really hv few new friends, she's making new friends, go here & there and i could see she was so happy... i noticed she was playing 'jump-jump' with Amir's dotter..and also try to communicate (i guess) but malu2 then being hugged by Irdina, dotter of Nuli & Jeri.. she didn't afraid at all see new faces and so many people around her.. that's my girl!!!-

-me and hanisah.. hanisah tgh usha my 100plus,hehe..-
me with jeri.. uikss spot da same thing bout us?! both of us wore the very same of the tudung brand :)

- with my teammates; hatta & amir (depa 2 got the style, but me?? hentam jek,,ahaks)-

-hanisah & irdina,, it's not easy to persuate both of them to stand beside each other and snap da photo,, due2 aktif xleh duk diam-

-hanisah & ummi-

-cam poyo jek pgg medal.. atceli that belongs to Saiful my manager.. for the 1st runners-up. he has to go earlier due to emergency call from his wife-

can't wait for the next fun activity.. Treasure Hunt i guess..hope so..!!!! *wink*

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