Friday, March 19, 2010

AIC Futsal tonemen

For tis whole wk i really didnt bother to open up my lappy.. no mood i guess..well, as usual i hv been ruled by my own mood.. sigh~

btw,last week hubby was invited to be a referee for futsal tonemen at our previous company..OUR previous cmpany ok.. the place where i started to meet & know him :)

so back to the futsal, off we go to Bola2 around 9am..seriesly hepi sgt cos i got the chance to meet up my old frens.. kak mas,kzack,kmiza,rina etc.. well, honestly i really love the friendship i built at tis company.even until now i still keep in touch with most of them.. they are what so called a Quality frens for me INCASE there's a fellow come & provoke bla-bla-bla and said that i hv lack of frens or tadak kawan, well lemme tell u tis,, u are totally bullshit..!

uiks cut the crap...!! just let these pics narrate..

-kak mas my forever kakak-

-forever-ever loving couple-

-hanisah in 1 of the court with her new usual, she 's not afraid at all mmeeting new faces.. and as usual, she run here & there..penat ummi!!-

-with kak ex housemate..never forget how she helped me when i have no car at the beginning of my working stage- she was the one who gave me the ride . really appreciate until now..-

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