Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bukit merah,, here we come again!!

Soon after attended kak lina's reception, we shoot to bukit merah.. and arrived there around 8pm.. such a rushing journey,huhuuu.. all the family mmbers were already there since 1 day before.. atceli kak yati has her big day which is convocation day @ USM transkian. so that's the reason why they checked in at hotel bkt merah.. furthermore no room/hotel available nearby usm transkian..

again congrats to kak yati aka now Dr. Norhayati :) for her PHD in bisnes admin.. oh ya,, she was in same class with my director Adib and Faiz, ex-opismate..
since 3 of us hv been missing k.yati's convocation day, so we just spent few moments with the family at bukit merah..oh ya,, i was not only miss the convo day but in fact i also missed the chance to meet liza my ex-opismate.. die jadik pnyambut tetamu tuh,, huhuu..

-brekfast ramai2 kat bilik-

-her golden chance to dip again into the pool..
and tis is what so-called a quality time with her parents :)-
-hanisah's acu-

-hanisah & ummi-

-hanisah & opah-

psstt.. jeles arrr sunny mami, MJ tuh!

-b4 check out-

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