Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me & my good buddy

We hv been waiting so longg to meet each other..and finally we made it.. btw, the last time jmpe minah ni somewhere end of 2006,,in fact b4 i got married.. since now she's working in penang , and predicts to mantain her current job maybe for another 2 okla,, quite close with me.. then we could hang out more frequent in future :)

-i think hanisah is a bit curious with this auntie.. ;p -

her personality doesn't change at all..same mcm dulu jgk,,, she's talkative, rugged,gorgeous, happening.. all in 1,, ahakss!!!! we are totally different to each other.. different in terms of our life style & personality (definately ;p), our look ,our career, our world.. but we dun care ok..we close to each other!! it reminds me to 1 incident when both of us entered 1 shop in Johor. and the chinese guy who entertained us asked "eh sorg pakai tudung..sorg rambut purple, boleh kawanke?" hahaaa..

oh ya,, she got something for me.. FM!!! i seriesly like esp the rubber one.. she used to travel for bisnes trip..

Where: Ocean Park Hong Kong & Bangkok,Thailand
Who: F.rahl
When: March 2010
Collection # :59 & 60


  1. good buddy!
    dont judge the book but its cover

  2. i pun collect fridge magnet..since 12 yrs ago..but most of my collection were bought during my trips allover, lebih prefer "been there" collection..happy collecting

  3. hi anon,, sure i pon prefer be there and buy..
    tp money & time constraint.. so xpela.. ade kwn2 yg p,so tumpang order je la,,huhuuu