Monday, March 22, 2010

Congrats k.lina & hubby

Congrats k.lina & hubby for the 1st anniversary of their wedding..
wish this relationship may last 4eva & eva..smoga hepi sokmo..Amin :)

atceli i didnt plan to attend tis reception,cos no geng.. then around 12.30pm after wake up from tidoq (nite shift), i got sms from dila that she's going to penang and she asked me either i want to follow her or not. after negotiation of time ;p.. she gave half an hour for me to prepare..ahakssss...
btw,, my hubby quite confused..cos i went to penang with Myvi putih, and returned home by Myvi itam.. sudah spray hitam,hehe..
thx for dila & ella for the ride..
p/s for Ella... great experience with u okes..and guess hubby was like.. hmm,,couldn't accept what we had gone through that evening...mueheeehee.

-warm welcome from Mr.clown-

-Mr.clown entertained hanisah and gave her what so-called a shapy balloon. it reminds me to 1 of the scenes from movie Mask ;p-

-dila,ella, bee choo & kimberly (lindsay's dotter)-

-posing with kak lina & her hubby
oh ya,, we hv the chance to see their wedding photo album.. and know what?..seriesly she looks like 'perempuan melayu terakhir' in the photos.. so gorgeous ok!!-

-The ladies plus Lok's son at kak lina's reception :)-


  1. anniversary celebration ker ni?

  2. yappp,
    nape,,x pcaye ke,,hehe ;p