Friday, March 5, 2010

Coolababy CDs for her Part 2

Tadaaa,, finally i received another 6 CDs from Kak Rin.. as mentioned b4, i bought 2 Coolababy Cds before and hv been using them since couple of wks before.. and i really in love using CD compare DD.. imagine i just used 2 CDs per day,, means i already save 2 per month, i already could save 60 pcs of DD..1 DD approximately bout 50cent per piece..fuhhh very save my money!!

and in fact i can see hanisah feels so comfortable in the soft cloth. oh yaa 1 more thing, it stated in the article that by using CD, automatically baby is trained for Potty training bout 6 mnths earlier (earlier than suppose to be).. i can see it on hanisah.. after wearing the CD for hours, i can see she's not feel comfortable and if she poops in CD, she will be telling me few times that she 'yak',like asking me to clear it asap..heheee...

since i feel in love using the CD and 2 is definately not enuf to rotate the CDs everyday, so that's da reason i ordered another 6 Coolababy Cds, with variety of colors of coss.. 2nd order got discount from tokeh cd :) there are bunch of types,and even the tokeh cd has asked me 'x nak cube QQ ke, new brand of CD'.. hmm,, xpela..since i notice hanisah is comfortable being wrapped by Coolababy, so let's stick to this 1 brand first.. :)

at first i tot that using CD is a burden esp the time to clear it up and when she poops especially..but now i get used to it and rilex je.. i like!! so from now on hanisah will be using CD more frequent.!!

-i think she knows pretty well that those stuffs belong to her ;)-

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