Monday, March 1, 2010

Subway sandwiches

On sunday nite, 5 of us hv our dinner or so called a pre-dinner @ Subway,penang..
it was my 1st time eating at Subway,,so i hv to admit that i was so jakun to choose what to eat..
if not mistaken,, there are 5 or 6 types of bread as option and i took oregano bread.. then there are bunch of sandwiches type.. to play safe,i just follow like mikal,heheee.. both of us took 6 inches Italian BMT sandwich.. then when come to portion of the vegetables,onion, and also the sauce /cheese/mustard,, still the worker waits for us to choose and ask him to pick up... pening den nak pilih!! last2 belasah jekk..

-hanisah & atuk
(see how she behaves herself with her atuk..sian atuk,hehe)-

-looks like mikal is showing off his subway sandwich to me,,
but the fact is, he even has no idea that i snap
his photo at that time ;p-

btw, next time wanna try the other type of sandwich.
and hopefuly 2nd round wont be sooo jakun like my very 1st time,ahaks...


  1. Sedapnya sandwich tu.. Dh lm tak g mkn ni. Kt Juru pun ada subway. Dulu time keje kt KL dulu, slalu mkn ni coz dekat sgt ngn opis. jeri tak suka mustard coz msm sgt. Bestkan sandwich dia. baunya pun sgtlah best

  2. oo jeri besa mkn ekk..
    1st time try mmg sedaplaa.. suke jgk mustard tu,,wpon masam.
    jgn ltk bnyak masam skit2 sedap,hehe..
    nnti nk p lagilaaa,,nk try jenis lain plakk.. nyam nyamm..

  3. faz..terkenang nasik kandaq n laksa penang..bila nak pi..

  4. faz,
    dulu subway ni pun our fav, me n hubby tp after terbaca somewhere yg ckp x halal, sy dah was-was nk makan, la ni kalu nk makan pun buat lah sendiri!

  5. dtgla sini Datin El ..:)

    kami pon atceli concern pasal halal-haram ni.. tu pasai few places like old town white coffea kami dah x p. mcm subway, since ade certificate psl halal,tu yg leh p mkn..