Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CNY Open House

In order to encourage the GSC team spirit, our dpartment has planned to hv a kind of functional gathering for all major festives season. And CNY is the start for tis year..!!

we call it as CNY Open house.. and every team is encouraged to bring any food for at les 50 people (at les 1 type).. for our team, we brought samosa & popia, which ordered from Sujana's auntie.. oh ya the auntie is malay and has a similar hobby with me,ahaksss!!

back to tis makan2, Nisha (the Organizer) & i went to cafeteria bout 1 hour earlier, to arrange all the stuffs, including foods,drinks, plates, table etc.. on this day also, we are encouraged to wear RED in order to show the spirits of tis celebration & unity.. :)

-preparing the stuffs-

-water mouthering dishes... satay, caufufan (not sure the spelling),bihun greng, kuih,kek, secret recipe brownies,oranges,samosa,popia,kuih bakul and lotsss more-

-with my buddy ,Dila-

once again,, i was really enjoying tis makan2.. there are lottas foods till all of us could tapau after that..

btw, have tasted kuih bakul (not sure which team ordered tis kuih bakul from pakcik kulim). but seriesly after tis if i go to kulim town, will drop by at pakcik's stall and borong his kuih bakul..sedapp & i like!!

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