Monday, March 8, 2010

Twins' befday bash @ Berjaya

As on 6th March, officially hubby & his brother turn from 31 to 32.
The initial celebration plan was to have the makan2 at mami's house. 1 wk before,, she hs told us that she will be ordering roti nan and i'll be in charge in ordering the cake.. but when come to the day, suddenly the plan changed. so instead of makan roti nan at home, we have the steambot dinner at Berjaya hotel.. :)

Off we went to berjaya hotel around 6.30pm and arrived there b4 7pm. yeahh steambot.. i love steambot, and in fact i love seafood very-very much.. the last time we hd makan2 here was somewhere in 2009,and that time hanisah kecik lgi.. was around 6 mths old.. btw,, 1 thing i like bout berjaya hotel is,, the management provides surau for guest..eventhough xdak aircond but kire okla compared to rasa sayang htl, no surau for guest okesss..huhuu...

-macam-macam ade :) -

atceli i planned for edible image cake with their chilhood image,, but paham2la zaman 80's mane ade camera digital. if i wanna make it happen, i hv to go to CC & scan the photo. but due to nowadays weather yg sgt hot till up to 37 degree,,cancel!! sigh~~, x larat nak kuar p scan..

-the twins were sharing cut the lovely & yummy cake;
ordered from Jeri , *wink*-

Basically For Mohd Azran - my husband, my roomate, my bedmate, my life partner , my lover, and papa of my cute little Hanisah, Happy 32nd Birthday. Semoga panjang umur & murah rzeki slalu.. and thank you for sharing everything with me.. sayang u alwizzzz... muahhhzz!!!

and to Mohd Azlan aka Adik (my bro in law), also hepy 32nd birthday..also smoga panjang umur & murah rzeki sentiasa...and may u find ur "Mrs. Azlan" sooner or asap,,ahakssss.. :)) i wish you will b alwizzz hepii,, oh ya,,also success in ur bisnes..Insyaallah..Amin... :)


p/s: i guess the next family gathering will be mid of march,,due to kak yati's konvo @ Usm .kalu join,hrp2 leh jmpe Liza :)-


  1. happy besday to hubby faz..twin yer..tapi xsama muka..

  2. tenkiu,..
    haah twins..adela iras2 dr tepi tp kire leh differentiate la depa 2 nih.. tp kalu tgok pic childhood,mmg xtau mane 1..

  3. la faz..rupanya hubby u twin..
    em..kebarangkalian u nak dapat baby twin sangat tinggi!

    btw, happy belated besday to both of them ok

  4. insyaallah,,mane tau rzeki kami akan dpt twins follow hubby.. :)